Air Break Fuse-Switch

Air- Break fuse switches are installed on low-pressure air power poles and can be disconnected and connected under load by common stick woods in power distribution companies.

These fuse switches are used to maneuver network lines for repairs or modifications, short circuit protection and overload, and quick troubleshooting.

In addition, due to the widespread use of self-supporting cables in the air network and their greater vulnerability to long-term overloads and severe short-circuit currents, it is important to use these fuse switches.




Main line protection by installing at the beginning of the output feeder from the distribution post

Branch line protection by installing at the beginning of the branches taken from the main line.

Selective protection in long networks with installation in the range of 60% distance at the beginning of the feeder.

Consumer protection or temporary connection to a consumer.

Network protection in places where the material of the conductors or their cross-sectional area changes.

Ring the main lines of two different posts by installing at the junction of two feeders as N.O.

Temporary network earthing


Air-Break Fuse Switch Features

Manufactured with self-extinguishing fiber polyester thermostat material, UV resistant and with high mechanical strength and insulation resistance

Can be used as a single bridge and four bridges

Ability to disconnect and connect the lighting phase of the passages separately

Ability to disconnect and connect under load

Ability to install a variety of cables in different sizes inside the key to protect against environmental factors

Ability to install a variety of wiring terminals such as propeller-specific terminals, V-shaped terminals or serrated terminals

It has separate protective frames for each of the input and output terminals for safe installation

Ability to install a smart system to detect the fuse or fuse of each phase and accurately determine the spatial coordinates and time of the error event

Ability to install Flag to detect the presence or absence of fuses in the key

Ability to install LEDs to detect fuse burning




کلید فیوز هوایی پیچازالکتریک

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کلید فیوز هوایی پیچازالکتریک


کاتالوگ کلید فیوز هوایی


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