Knife-Edge Fuse Base,1-pole

Pichaz Electric Company, as the first producer has taken action to design and produce the knife fuse-bases with side protection in order to reduce the expenses of panel boards and to erect them more easily and quickly.

The protection lets the consumer be able to erect the fuse bases with the least airspace next to each other without any need for extra insulation and making airspace, so that he can reduce the volume of panel.


The specifications of knife fuse-bases with side protection Model FAHA10


Made of the fiber polymer materials(self-extinguishing)

Designed and produced according to the standard IEC60269-VDE0639

High mechanical stability and the minimum breaking coefficient.

Input and output contacts are made of Electrolytic copper with Silver plating

Auxiliary spring of the contacts are made of strong and plated steel (stable & antirust)

Having side protection to insulate the bases without more spacing.

Reducing the volume of panel making them nice and less expensive.


For changing the fuse, only use fuse-remover




 پایه فیوز های کاردی پیچازالکتریک

Technical Data

 پایه فیوز های کاردی پیچازالکتریک


 پایه فیوزهای کاردی پیچازالکتریک




 پایه فیوزهای کاردی پیچازالکتریک

Technical Drawing

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