Vertical Fuse-Switch

The most important advantages of vertical fuse switch

Less electrical losses

Decreasing the volume of distribution board and less consumption of copper and iron sheet

Easy and fast assembly, erection and changing the equipment.

Produced with suitable original materials self-extinguishing with high thermal resistance (960 °C in the test of glow wire conforming to the IEC standard)

One and three pole switching.

Output – input contact from Top and Bottom.

Suitable for installing metering set

Using micro switch showing the position(on/off)

Locking the fuse switch in on position (only for fuse-switches models: VERS-1660

Contacting and paralleling two sets of fuse switch in the high currents.



کلید فیوز عمودی پیچازالکتریک

Technical Data

کلید فیوز عمودی پیچازالکتریک


کلید فیوز عمودی پیچازالکتریک


کلید فیوز عمودی پیچازالکتریک


کلید فیوز عمودی پیچازالکتریک

Technical Drawing

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