Bakelite Fuse-Switch

The specifications of Bakelite fuse-switches

Designed and produced on the basis of international standards IEC60947-VDE0660

Are equipped with contacts of silver –plated

With strong and suitable structure for industrial applications

Provide maximum safety during replacement of the fuse links by obligatory separation of door from body.

Changing and optimization of the contacts to provide the better connection between their and fuse-link blades

Have the inspection window to inspect the fuse situation

Suitable for installation inside or outside the panels

Have arc chamber made of self-extinguisher polymer material

Use of zinc-plated to all metal pieces to have more stability




کلیدفیوزهای مدل PEFS2 پیچازالکتریک

Technical Data

کلید فیوزهای مدل PEFS2 پیچازالکتریک


کلید فیوزهای مدل PEFS2 پیچاز الکتریک


کلید فیوزهای مدل PEFS2


کلید فیوزهای مدل PEFS2

Technical Drawing

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