Disconnector Switch

The preferable specifications of the switch fuses that can be break under load:

In accordance with IEC60947

Size 00-3(160A-250A-400A-630A-800A)

It can be used in all distribution boards and industrial environment as the main and emergency switch

Operator – independent switch provides high safety

Double- break feature (upstream and downstream of the fuse) provide increased personnel during the exchange of the exchange of the fuse.


The advantage of disconnector switch compare to other company:


Designed and produced by the unit R&D of Pichaz Electric

Protected against unwished access to the live parts

The possibility of input/output to the switch in two position (on and off)

Equipped with ON and OFF indicators in two different parts of switch

With internal micro-switch (sizes 1-3)

Beauty, easy installation and suitable price




کلید فیوز قابل قطع زیر بار پیچازالکتریک

Technical Data

کلید فیوز قابل قطع زیر بار پیچازالکتریک


کاتالوگ کلید فیوز قابل قطع زیر بار پیچازالکتریک


دستورالعمل کلید فیوز قابل قطع زیر بار


داده فنی کلیدفیوز قابل قطع زیر بار

Technical Drawing

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